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    • 商務英語口語

    • 每天10句商務英語口語匯總

      2011-09-02 所屬欄目:商務英語口語


    • 每天10句商務英語口語(23)

      2011-09-01 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 I have come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one.
      我特地為你們安排使你們在北京的逗留愉快。2 You are going out of your way for us, I believe.
      我相信這是對我們的特殊照顧了。3 It

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(22)

      2011-08-31 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 We'll sign two originals, each in Chinese and English language.
      我們將要用中文和英語分別簽署兩份原件。2 I am ready to sign the agreement.
      我已經準備好了簽合同。3 I'm sure you need an original si

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(21)

      2011-08-30 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 We should add a clause regarding arbitration of differences.
      我們應該附加一條關于仲裁分歧的條款。2 The contract contains basically all we have agreed upon during our negotiations.

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(20)

      2011-08-29 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 The demand for our products has kept rising.
      要求定購我們產品的人越來越多。2 How long will your offer hold good?
      一般你們報盤的有效期是多長?3 We have new methods like compensation trade and joint

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(19)

      2011-08-28 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 Don't you think it necessary to have a close study of the contract to avoid anything missing?
      你不覺得應該仔細檢查一下合同,以免遺漏什么嗎?2 We have agreed on all terms in the contract. Shall we

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(18)

      2011-08-27 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 That's international practice. We can't break it.
      這是國際慣例,我們不能違背。2 We are prepared to reconsider amending the contract.
      我們可以重新考慮修改合同。3 We'll have to discuss about the

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(17)

      2011-08-26 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 I still have some questions concerning our contract.
      就合同方面我還有些問題要問。2 We are always willing to cooperate with you and if necessary make some concessions.

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(16)

      2011-08-25 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 How about feed-back from your retailers and consumers?
      你們的零售商和消費者的反映怎樣?2 We have that right here in this report.
      在這份報告書內就有。3 Could you tell me some more about your market

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(15)

      2011-08-24 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 This product is doing very well in foreign countries.
      Our product is competitive in the international market.
      Let's move on to what

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(14)

      2011-08-23 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 Perhaps you've heard our product's name. Would you like to know more about it?
      也許你已聽說過我們產品的名稱,你想知道更多一點嗎?2 Let me tell you about our product.

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(13)

      2011-08-22 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 I'd like to introduce you to our company. Is there anything in particular you'd like to know?
      我將向你介紹我們的公司,你有什么特別想知道的嗎?2 I'd like to know some information about the curren

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(12)

      2011-08-21 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 Let me give you an indication.
      我可以提示一個想法。2 Please remember this is not to be taken as final.
      請記得這不是最后的回答。3 Let's imagine a hypothetical case where we disagree.

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(11)

      2011-08-20 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 It would help if you could try to speak a little slower.
      請你盡量放慢說話速度。2 Could you please explain the premises of your argument in more detail?
      你能詳細說明你們的論據嗎?3 It will help me

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(10)

      2011-08-19 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 We must stress that these payment terms are very important to us.
      我們必須強調這些付款條件對我們很重要。2 Please be aware that this is a crucial issue to us.
      請了解這一點對我們至關重要。3 I don't

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(9)

      2011-08-18 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 I would like to ask you a favor.
      我可以提出一個要求嗎?2 Would you let me know your fax number?
      可以告訴我您的傳真機號碼嗎?3 Would it be too much to ask you to respond to my question by tomorrow?

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(8)

      2011-08-17 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 Seeing is believing.
      百聞不如一見。2 I would like to present our comments in the following order.
      我希望能依照以下的順序提出我們的看法。3 First of all, I will outline the characteristics of our pr

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(7)

      2011-08-16 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 Your desire coincides with ours.
      我們雙方的愿望都是一致的。2 No wonder you're so experienced.
      怪不得你這么有經驗。3 Textile business has become more and more difficult since the competition grew.

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(6)

      2011-08-15 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 Is the production line fully automatic?
      生產線是全自動的嗎?2 What kind of quality control do you have?
      你們用什么辦法來控制質量呢?3 All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(5)

      2011-08-14 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 We would be glad to start business with you.
      我們很高興能與貴公司建立貿易往來。2 I'd appreciate your kind consideration in the coming negotiation.
      洽談中請你們多加關照。3 We are happy to be of he

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(4)

      2011-08-13 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 They describe how each process goes on to the next.
      表述著每道工藝間的銜接情況。2 We are running on two shifts.
      我們實行的工作是兩班倒。3 Almost every process is computerized.

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(3)

      2011-08-12 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 If you have any questions on the details, feel free to ask.
      如果對某些細節有意見的話,請提出來。2 I can see you have put a lot of time into it.
      我相信你在制定這個計劃上一定花了不少精力吧。3 We rea

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(2)

      2011-08-11 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1 Then we'd have some ideas of what you'll be needing.
      那么我們就會心中有點兒數,知道你們需要什么了。 2 I can't say for certain off-hand.
      我還不能馬上說定。 3 Better have something we can get o

    • 每天10句商務英語口語(1)

      2011-08-10 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      1、I've come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one.
      我特地為你們安排使你們在北京的逗留愉快。2、You're going out of your way for us, I believe.

    • 商務英語中常犯的5個錯誤

      2011-05-21 所屬欄目:商務英語口語

      Personal vs. Personnel密切注意這些單詞的拼寫和重音!"Personnel"是個名詞意思是公司的職員。例如"Our company has the best personnel in the industry."重音落在單詞的末尾。"Personal"是個形容詞意思是私人或是

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