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    經濟學人下載:一周要聞 特斯拉第一季度凈利潤4.38億美元

    Source: Economist    2021-05-12  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

    Lyft has followed Uber in giving up the development of autonomous vehicles. The ride-hailing company sold its self-driving-cars unit to Toyota. It will be integrated into the Japanese carmaker’s Woven Planet division. 


    Tesla’s sales revved up in the first three months of 2021, increasing by 74% over the same quarter last year, despite problems in obtaining semiconductors for its electric cars. The company reported net income of $438m, its best quarterly profit to date. 


    Panasonic made its biggest-ever foreign acquisition when it agreed to buy the 80% of Blue Yonder it doesn’t already own in a deal valued at $7.1bn. Blue Yonder specialises in software for supply-chain management. 

    松下同意以71億美元從Blue Yonder手中收購剩余80%的股份,這是它有史以來最大的一筆海外收購。Blue Yonder專注于供應鏈管理軟件開發。 

    More banks disclosed losses from their exposure to the collapse of Archegos, an investment fund. Nomura took a hit of over $2.9bn, more than it had estimated previously, dragging the Japanese bank to its worst quarterly performance since 2008. UBS recorded a $774m loss in operating income related to Archegos, overshadowing the Swiss bank’s solid quarterly profit. 


    By contrast, Deutsche Bank said it had managed to sell its assets in Archegos before it imploded, avoiding any associated damage to its balance-sheet. The German bank made a net profit of 908m euros ($1.1bn) in the first quarter, its best since the start of 2014. 


    In one of the firmest commitments to getting workers back into the office, JPMorgan Chase told staff that it wants them to return to their place of employment by early July, albeit on a rotational basis to comply with a 50% cap on office occupancy. The bank recognised that for some people, returning to the office “is a change you’ll need to manage”. It also encouraged staff to get vaccinated, but said this would not be a requirement for entering the office. 

    摩根大通(JPMorgan Chase)向員工表示,希望他們在7月初返回工作崗位,這是讓員工重返辦公室的最堅定的承諾之一,盡管這一決定是基于“輪班”的條件,以遵守辦公室占用率最高50%的限制。該行認識到,對一些人來說,重返辦公室“是一種需要努力適應的轉變”。它還鼓勵員工接種疫苗,但表示這不是重返辦公室的必要條件。

    Snappy fashion 


    Loved and loathed in equal measure, sales of Crocs footwear have rebounded, growing by 64% in the first quarter year on year and producing a comfortable profit for the company. The shoes, a cross between a foam clog and a hospital sandal, have benefited from the trend towards cosywear during the pandemic. Affirming that it’s ok to go out in your slippers, they were also seen on the Oscars red carpet. 



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